The Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center Foundation (JTDC Foundation) was founded in 2009 by Earl Dunlap, Federal Court Acting Transitional Administrator of the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) and Sharon Grant, Executive Director of JTDC Foundation.


During its first two-years, the JTDC Foundation worked closely with the Acting Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director/Division Resident Daily Life of the JTDC to identify and raise the money to fill the gap for services and activities that promoted the positive thoughts and actions of court-involved youth while at the facility. Annually, JTDC Foundation supported facility-based services and activities while serving nearly 1800 court-involved youth.



In response to the high rates of recidivism among court-involved youth, the JTDC Foundation expanded its intervention efforts beyond the detention center’s walls and into the community. Today, the JTDC Foundation is focused like a laser on providing court-involved youth with the education, skills and resources needed for them to successfully return and remain in their homes and communities as productive citizens.


Why We Are Needed


“ I believe that children are God's gift that life will continue. I Also believe that there is a moral imperative for us in leadership roles to take care the least of thee. We must leave something why not goodness and support for our children and families.”


Leonard Dixon, Superintendent for Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center

Leonard Dixon, Superintendent for Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center

"The JTDC Foundation is essential to an improved quality of life for residents of the JTDC. Historically  juvenile detention has operated in isolation and the community was kept at arm’s length. The Foundation, by its very nature, bridges the community and the JTDC and through its leadership, vision and resources, offers an important avenue of opportunity for the communities’ most at-risk youth."


Earl L. Dunlap, Transitional Administrator

What We Achieve

"As the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center we are charged with the responsibility of working with some of the most emotionally charged-under privileged-high risk youth in the County of Cook, mainly from Chicago.  Our youth have limited exposure to life outside of the four corners of their communities.  The JTDC Foundation is a life raft for  youth housed at our detention center.


In order to make a meaningful impact in the lives of each juvenile, we must expose them to life beyond their particular communities.  We must expose them to a different way of thinking, a different way to view the world, a different skill set to handle what  life brings.  The JTDC Foundation helps provide the JTDC the ability to impact the life of each youth within its walls.”


W. Steward, Deputy Executive Director

Cook County Juvenile Detention Resident Daily Life

W. Steward, Deputy Executive Director  Cook County Juvenile Detention Resident Daily Life

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