These programs are designed to empower the youth to be leaders, give them the skill set to make wise choices, and education that will forever change the trajectory of their lives.


The JTDC Foundation works closely with the JTDC to provide an array of positive services and activities that focus on risk factors that can be changed while youth are in detention such as: anger control, behavioral and pro-social skills, moral reasoning and empathy. We also partner with JTDC to provide several ongoing activities that includes:

The Karma Garden:

A Collaborative

Community Garden

A collaborative project, between  Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative School and the Urban Horticulture Educators from University of Illinois Extension Program,  teaching youth gardening skills while planting the seeds of positive change in their lives.


Black History and Latino History Months

Promotes a sense of self-identity,  self-worth, as well as helps develop youth’s high self-esteem and self- confidence.



The Court Involved Youth Project

The Voices and Faces Project’s “The Stories We Tell” writing program.

The JTDC Foundation’s community-based program called “The Court Involved Youth Project” is designed to help youth return and remain in their homes and communities by providing them with solid opportunities to increase their educational attainment, labor force participation and leadership abilities.

Core Program Components

  • GED Attainment Bridge to College and/or Career
  • Life Skills Development
  • Family Engagement

“The Stories We Tell” is a first-of-its-kind testimonial writing workshop for those who have lived through or witnessed gender-based violence.