Sharon Grant

Executive Director






Sharon Grant is a Specialist in Juvenile Justice in the area of Detention Centers; acceptable Conditions of Confinement are a function of the interaction and implementation of key variables, issues and factors associated with successful detention operations, strategic planning, community development, project management and program development. Sharon has developed and implemented Systems for community advisory boards, community personal boards, not for profit boards to financially support programming for residents detained in these facilities.


Sharon has performed legislative lobbying activities in the Juvenile Justice space; representing clients in governmental purchasing process. State and Federal representation on behalf of community base organizations for funding of programs. Sharon has spent 35 years building a business career with a clear focus on community and developing systems to enhance the future of children at risk.


She has long been recognized as a child advocate working to create sustainable futures for young people in a complex society. Sharon holds an Associate’s of Arts (AA) degree in Business Administration from Wright College and Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Applied Behavioral Science from National College of Education and a Public Policy certificate from Northwestern University/ University College, Evanston, IL


Sharon has served on many Government and Community Boards, President of Chicago Board of Education, President of Concerned HealthCare Of America ( Corporate BD), Community Access Network Board (CAN), University of Illinois Community Advisory Board.



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The JTDC Foundation fosters community involvement in the lives of youth in detention, raise public awareness of their challenge and support the therapeutic goal of the JTDC with respect and without judgment.

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